Shotluck– Limited Leatherbound Copy

Shotluck– Limited Leatherbound Copy


Limited Leatherbound Copy

Only a few Copies of the Signed and Numbered Limited Edition books are available.

Each Limited Edition book is signed  by Colonel Cooper (except Shotluck).

Each book is individually numbered.

Only 100 numbered copies of each book were produced so each copy is a true collector’s  book.

The books are bound in the finest green leather, stamped in gold with an image of Colonel Cooper holding aloft a buffalo head skull on an African hunt.

Each book comes with hand-made marbleized endpapers, 3-sided gilding, gold stamping, and a ribbon marker.

Copies of the limited edition are available for order while they last for $250.00 each (Free Shipping).

Volume 5: Shotluck
Introduced by Colonel Clint Ancker (Ret.)

With 29 illustrations by Paul Kirchner. 208 Pages.

Foreword by Clint Ancker

Part One
On War
The Nephew of Delgado
The Nazis
Spit and Polish

Part Two
Sam Colt as a Progressive Industrialist
The Evolution of the Modern Technique of the Pistol
The Pioneers
The Master of Arms
“Time Is of the Essence”
“But for the Right Mind-Set”

Part Three
The Rites of Artemis
The Happiness of Pursuit
Bush Booze
A Moment of Truth
Turkey Day
Southwest Africa 1988
Boondocking 1979

Part Four
Head Huntress
Sky Lady
The Man on the Ten Dollar Bill—and Others
Capital Punishment
Limited Freedom
Gentleman’s Club
Europe 1989
Good Things to Do
Provisional Literary Entertainments
La Dolce Vita

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