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Arizona Pioneers’ Home Cemetery

The Cooper Family would like to announce that a final resting place for Jeff and Janelle’s remains has been secured at the Arizona Pioneers’ Home Cemetery in Prescott at the request of the family.  While Gunsite has been completely supportive of the Coopers remaining in the mausoleum in perpetuity, a family decision was made to ensure long term security and allow easier access by family and friends.  The Arizona Pioneers’ Home Cemetery is surrounded by the beautiful mountains of Prescott, and is home to some of the area’s most noted figures, including Sharlot Hall, Big Nose Kate, and a majority of the Granite Mountain Hotshots.  All are welcome to visit.     The Coopers’ home at the Sconce will remain a monument to Jeff and Janelle on Gunsite Ranch, sponsored and maintained by Gunsite Academy.  The new Gunsite 250 Pistol Course graduates will continue to visit the Sconce after graduation.  It will also be open by appointment to Gunsite family members to visit and enjoy by scheduling through Gunsite Academy.



Welcome to our website.  Whether you are a long-time devotee of Jeff Cooper’s work or new to his concepts we hope you find something educational and perhaps inspirational here.

Jeff Cooper was a life-long student in the warrior/scholar mode.  He believed that the path to a worthwhile life lay in adherence to three ideals: understand the problem, pull your weight, appreciate.  A large part of the first two ideals is self-reliance and a large part of self-reliance is the ability to defend oneself against evil.  To that end, he devoted most of his life to developing the most efficient use of small arms against immediate threat.  He developed a philosophy, a technique and a school—-Gunsite.

The Jeff Cooper Legacy Foundation was formed shortly after his death in 2006 to assure that his teachings lived on.   To this end, the Foundation raises money from donations and offers scholarships to those who wish to enhance their self-reliance with skill at confronting immediate threat.  If this concept appeals to you, we welcome you to read on.