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Mrs. Janelle Cooper

Mrs. Janelle Cooper, President of The Jeff Cooper Legacy Foundation, celebrated her 99th birthday on May 31st, 2019.   She was pleasantly overwhelmed by the number of cards, letters, phone calls and bouquets of flowers she received and wishes to thank everyone who took the time to recognize the occasion.  She continues to guide our Foundation and we are grateful to have her intelligence and grace at the tiller.  She is among the many blessings we count.

Jeff Cooper Commemorative 1911 by Ed Brown

Jeff Cooper Commemorative 1911 by Ed Brown


We are pleased to introduce a special, limited edition 1911 from Ed Brown Products, Inc. in memory of the late Colonel Jeff Cooper. This commemorative 1911 is officially endorsed by the family of Jeff Cooper, and was designed in collaboration with them to render, as authentically as possible, what Jeff Cooper himself desired in a 1911.  The final design was based on input from our builders, the Coopers, and many of Jeff’s closest friends and fans. The goal was to create a 1911 for combat shooting and personal defense that he would have been proud to carry. The final product speaks for itself. If you were to own only one commemorative 1911, this would be the one.  A portion of the proceeds from this project will go to the Jeff Cooper Legacy Foundation to help them continue their work letting the next generation know who Jeff Cooper was, and what he meant to us all.

To get more information and to order your limited edition 1911 Jeff Cooper Commemorative 1911 Visit the Ed Brown Website.