Yavapai County Sheriff’s Deputy Douglas Owens

Yavapai County Sheriff’s Deputy Douglas Owens

Yavapai County Sheriff’s Deputy of the Year for 2007, Douglas Owens, received a five-day scholarship award to the Gunsite Academy in Paulden from the Jeff Cooper Legacy Foundation.

Owens is the first recipient of the award from the foundation, which Janelle Cooper, Jeff’s wife, established to continue the legacy of her husband. He had a firm commitment to the rights of law-abiding citizens to bear arms and defend themselves, she said.

Colonel Cooper died in September 2006.

“After our father’s death, we decided to put together a foundation to perpetuate his philosophy, teachings and legacy,” said Cooper’s daughter, Lindy Cooper-Wisdom, who also is treasurer of the foundation. “He was a strong advocate of the Second Amendment.”

Cooper, president of the Jeff Cooper Legacy Foundation, gave Owens the scholarship along with her daughters Cooper-Wisdom and Christy Cooper-Hastings, who is a member of the foundation’s board. Jane Anne Shimizu, marketing director for the Gunsite Academy, also attended.

The award entitles Owens to attend five days of firearms training at Gunsite as part of his law enforcement firearms training. The 250 Defensive Pistol class teaches students how to use a pistol to defend themselves, gun handling, marksmanship and developing the “combat mindset using the modern technique of the pistol,” according to the Gunsite brochure.

“Deputy Owens is well-deserving of this award,” said Yavapai County Sheriff Steve Waugh. “He is very responsible with a strong and enthusiastic work ethic and I know he will benefit from more training.”

In addition to the award to a law enforcement officer, Cooper said the foundation hopes to eventually give an award to members of the military and to private citizens to attend Gunsite.

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