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    Latest Scholarship Recipient - Agent Shane Jahn

    Agent Shane Jahn of the U.S. Border Patrol is the recipient of our most recent Jeff Cooper Legacy Foundation Scholarship. He completed the 250 course at Gunsite on July 16, 2010. Shane epitomizes the kind of dedicated member of law enforcement whom we seek to assist with our program. Recommended by our good friend Sheriff Jim Wilson, Shane lives and works in Texas.

    Latest Scholarship Recipient - Sheriff Ron Bruce

    Our latest scholarship recipient, Sheriff Ron Bruce of Hinsdale County, Colorado.

    Latest Scholarship Recipient - Deputy Sheriff Martha Sosa

    Deputy Sheriff Martha Sosa from Santa Barbara, California, completed her 250 at Gunsite in mid-January. She did very well and pulled off a second place in the final day's shoot off! We are very proud of her!

    Latest Scholarship Recipient - Captain John Feddema

    Our latest scholarship recipient is Captain John Feddema of the Central Yavapai Fire District. He did us all proud by winning the shoot-off in his 250 class, November 9-13 of 2009.

    Marie Morrow - 4th Scholarship Recipient

    The Jeff Cooper Legacy Foundation, in conjunction with the fine folks of the API List, was pleased to present our 4th tuition scholarship to Marie Morrow---

    Marie running the plates during the shootoff
    Marie running the plates during the shootoff