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Tuesday, December 11 2018 @ 09:20 AM -06

Ivy O'hern - Third Scholarship Recipient.

Our third scholarship recipient completed her 250 at Gunsite on June 19 with an M1 certificate. Ivy O'hern is 18 and a recent high school graduate from Americus, Georgia. She will be attending college in the fall and intends to become a physical therapist.

Ivy came to our attention through the recommendation of a mutual friend and wrote such a great letter to Janelle about her desire to take a class at Gunsite that we were thrilled to accomodate her. She came to Arizona accompanied by her parents and we had the pleasure of meeting them all and welcoming them into the Gunsite family.

Ivy in the Friday afternoon shoot-off
Janell, Ivy, Christy Cooper Hastings, Lindy Cooper Wisdom

Ivy with her certificate aboard Jeff's lion in the armory!


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